Past Research Index
Note: All projects funded by BSFRF undergo review and approval by its Board and have specific scientific objectives that fit with annual research priorities as determined by cooperative research partners. BSFRF research has focused primarily on improving scientific understanding of Bering Sea crab resources but is also interested in other Alaska and West Coast fishery resources. The projects listed below are updated periodically and provide a brief overview of all annual or ongoing research. For further information on specific research, see links near the end of each project description.
2013-2015 Bristol Bay RKC Net Efficiency Survey

2013-2017 BBRKC Pre-Recruit Survey Update

2013-2014 Generic Models for Alaskan Crab (GMAC)

2012-14 Tanner Crab Discard Mortality Research

2012 Bristol Bay Red King Crab Inshore Survey

2012 Tanner Crab Net Efficiency Pilot Survey

2012 Tanner Crab Growth Study

2012 May CPT Summary Presentation

2011-14 UW Global Fisheries (RAM Legacy) Database

2011 to Present Alaska King Crab (AKCRRAB) Program

2011-2012 Snow Crab Discard Mortality Research

2011 Bristol Bay Red King Crab Inshore Survey

2011 Snow Crab Growth Study

2010 Snow Crab Tagging

2010 Snow Crab Net Efficiency Survey

2009/10 Eastern Bering Sea Tanner Crab Size Limit

2009 Snow Crab Net Efficiency & Index Area Survey

2009 Research/Review of Bristol Bay Red King Crab

2009-present Generic Crab Model Research

2008 Bristol Bay Red King Crab Full Survey

2007 Bristol Bay Red King Crab Full Survey

2006-present Review of Research & Baseline Science

2005 Bristol Bay Red King Crab Pilot Survey

2004 Snow Crab Supplemental Survey

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